Bakoor Mineral Water

Bakoor Water
Bakoor water is the bestowal of Kurdistan's topography. Bakoor water meets a large quantity of minerals that our body requires, minerals that add its unique taste and savor to Bakoor water, which joins water from geological stratifications of Kurdistan's Mountains that date back to thousands of years.
Bakoor water proves the importance it gives to food, security, cleaning and hygiene - health conditions, quality and environmental awareness with the certificates it has been awareded.

Water Facts
50% - 60% of our body component is water.
83% of our blood component is water.

If most of your body is contained water, why not choose the best for your body?

Bakoor Water is guaranteed to be the best!

The benefits of Bakoor Water for the human body:

  • Preserves the human body and its compatibility
  • Helps to stimulate the body's function of kidneys
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • The role of mediator in many of the chemical processes within the body
  • Helps the chemical equilibrium of the body, and gives the body the vital moisture it needs
  • Works to simulate the digestive system
  • Works on the lubricant and moisturizing body joints
  • Enables the transfer of food to various body tissues
Bakoor Water Bakoor Water Bakoor Water